Moving to the next level, whether you aim to get on the fast track or desire to move off it, often takes more than knowing what actions to take. It requires shifting our way of being. Your patterns of thinking, feeling and reacting need to be reassessed and renovated. I call it 'reinventing oneself'.

The task is daunting, but also exhilarating!

Let us work with you to invent the way of being that is in harmony not only with your goals and vision, but also with your values, interests and passions. Then we shall design the strategic actions that will get you the proportions of cash, time and joy that you want, with great effectiveness, in record time.

~~ Dinnah G. Pladott, PhD, R-ACSW

Coaching is a strategic tool for effective leadership. In today's business world, leadership and coaching go hand in hand. We apply innovative approaches in training and impact many arenas. Learn how to use coaching as a strategic tool for improving effectiveness of individuals and teams.

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